Why Have Been Women Obsessed Over RED Women Lingerie & Nightwear Forever?

Correct me if I am wrong, but whenever a woman has to choose a sexy lingerie for a Special Night, undoubtedly a majority of them will think of RED at the first thought. This is not a current situation, but for years women’s first choice for a sexy dress for women honeymoon has been red. Lets understand what is it with Red that makes it special.

Red immensely has been associated with sex and sexiness for years. Be it a man or a woman, if you ask them to give seduction a colour, 80% will associate it with Red.

From the time of lingerie inception till now, there has been a lot of evolution that has taken place in the lingerie industry. But one consistent thing from the traditional lingerie era to the contemporary times is both men and women obsessing over Red sexy nightwear.

First of all, red compliments every colour. Certain colours enhance on specific skin tones, while dull out others. However, this is not the case with red. It enhances every skin type.

Secondly, red is an easy colour to stand out in. There is literally no one, who cannot win it with red on them. Red is always a confident booster. No one can ever feel low while being under anything red in colour.

Also, red can instantly brighten up anyone’s mood, be it the wearer or the on-looker. Red instantly stirs mood.

The adrenaline rush which results by seeing your love interest draped in red, turns on a man better than anything else. Majority of women are aware about this scientific fact, so they go for red. At the end of the day, the primary motive of a woman wearing sexy night wear is to add a pinch of romance to their night and they choose the safest colour for it- RED.

RED is not only associated solely with seduction or physical intimacy, but also with LOVE. No wonder why Valentine’s Day which is a special day dedicated to love has a red theme all over it. The fictional heart diagram which is used to depict a human heart is in RED, thus it becomes synonymous with love without any doubt.

When a couple wants to spice up their bedroom life, they want to foster their physical closeness as well as their platonic love, and what can be a better choice to do this than the color RED that depicts both of these feelings. So, the next time you go lingerie shopping and see 4 out of 5 women picking up Red transparent dresses for women, you know the reasons for it.