What is endermolift and how it works to prevent premature ageing?

Endermolift skin treatment is particularly designed to prevent and decrease the ageing process. Delicate skin of face, neck and décolleté show aging process more than any other parts of the body. The endermolift near me will work on this area using massage rollers which lifts the affected skin and target the area lying underneath to stimulate cells.  With endermologie your skin will tighten and become firm so as to generate collagen and elastic protein. Improved skin complexion is one of the best features of the treatment and your skin will be full and glowing.

How endermologie is applied?

Endermologie or endermolift uses a technique known as Liftmassage which targets the tissues underneath while lifting the upper skin. When it is performed the protein and cellular structure starts braking down. Pressure applied tremendously improves blood circulation and it speeds up the healing process. This immensely safe procedure encourage the body to generate new cells or fibroblasts so your skin gets thick and collagen to give skin firmness and fullness, hyaluronic acid for fullness and firmness of the skin and elastin for skin elasticity. 

After the first session itself you will notice considerable changes and after going through the required sessions of endermologie you will see the following benefits:

  • Lifted and tightened skin
  • Increased plumpness and volume
  • Decreased eye bags
  • Skin free of lines and wrinkles
  • Enhanced skin tone
  • Fading of dark circles under eyes and coloring
  • More supple and softened skin 
  • Well defined jaw lines and sculpting of cheekbones
  • Disappearance of double chin and jowls
  • Well contoured and slimmer look

With endermolift you can derive this without invasive or any kind of surgery. It is totally non-surgical and absolutely natural. It is completely painless and may need about 8 treatments to see best results.  You may require repetitive treatments that are periodical to retain the looks.

What should you expect at the treatment?

Your aesthetician will first clean your affected skin fully before starting the endermolift procedure. He then will employ a handheld suction and manipulative device with two flaps on the business end. These are motorized flaps that will pinch your skin (pleasantly) and start stimulating the synthesis which will rejuvenate proteins. The procedure will be carried out gently by moving the device over skin slowly. The treatment may last for 30 minutes. The same procedure will be repeated after seeing the result produced by the first session.

Is it a safe procedure?

It is extremely safe procedure that is completely without any risks. Since the endermologie procedure is non-invasive or non-surgical there won’t be pricking the skin or inflicting cuts with scalpels etc. The device is completely flexible and can be adjusted according to convenience. You can resume your normal activities immediately after the session as it has no downtime like surgery etc.

Is endermolift and Lipomassage the same?

The idea and concept used in both facelift and cellulite treatment are the same only they differs in procedure and devices. In endermolift it is the gentler version of massage and manipulation using a suction massage device that pick on the skin gently. In cellulite treatment it is massage heads larger than the other device and with pinch rollers that can rotate, massage, clench fat saturated skin and crush it to pulp. Force and impact of the Lipomassage cellulite treatment is enhanced as it has to deal with bad fat that is frozen under your skin for years. It is a slow process and may take more than a dozen sessions to completely rid of cellulite.

The device used in the procedure consists of special massage heads that are designed to clench skin and fat and then proceed to flatten it by applying pressure. The procedure will involve clenching and lifting of the skin with fat and then crush it so it is drained through natural process. The crushed and flattened fat is drained through lymphatic and circulatory system of your body. 

Why cellulite treatment is necessary? 

Cellulite or dimpled fat deposits under the skin can make you look gross and ugly. No one wants to have cottage cheese or orange peel skin which makes your skin look bumpy. It can be awkward for women to wear sleeveless dresses and bikinis and your old clothes won’t fit properly and you may have make fresh investments to buy new clothing. This is basically applied to improve aesthetics and functionality. It is a non-surgical procedure that won’t cut or puncture your skin. 

Side effects of cellulite treatment

There are no noticeable side effects that are painful and harmful in Lipomassage cellulite treatment. You may experience little bruising if your skin is sensitive and redness that will disappear in a day or two. It is a natural fat removal procedure that you can opt for without fear. However it is necessary for you to consult your physician or dermatologist whether you are a candidate for the treatment. Surveys vouch that the treatment is safe and beneficial and helped individuals to retain contours and healthy and firm skin.