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What are private blog networks in SEO? Should you use them?

Since you are reading this post, I am sure you have an interest in knowing whether it is fine to use private blog networks in SEO or not. But first, let us understand what they really are.

What are private blog networks (PBN)?

PBN stands for a private backlink network.

Usually, when a set of well-established websites expire, a lot of owners tend to use them to provide a backlink to their original website. The owners aim to increase their domain score and make their primary website more SEO optimized.   

For instance, let us say that you are doing an in-depth analysis online to know more about a good wedding band. Therefore, you click on every possible option only to find that all websites you browse direct you to one particular wedding band.

That is ridiculous and weird too!

How can every single website you come across direct you to a particular website of a wedding band?

This is a typical example of private blog networking, where you use external websites to point to your website.

How do you develop a private network blog?

Owners purchase a set of expired and established domains (usually the ones with a good domain score) and write blogs or articles, publish them, which contains a backlink to their primary website.

What is the purpose of a private backlink network?

A marketing strategy manipulates people to check out the primary websites. The main purpose of private backlink network is solely profit-making and increase in website traffic.

How can a search engine find out about a private blog network?

The search engines use a certain set of algorithms while indexing a website, so if they check a particular website and notice the website not being updated or do not contain other external links, they penalize the website for it.

Reasons why you should not use them for SEO optimization

  1. Serious penalty

Once the search engine finds out that you have established a private blog network to promote your website, it will issue a penalty where you cannot access your website, which is a serious problem.

2.Drop in website traffic

Once you have a penalty imposed on your website, automatically the traffic starts dropping at a significant rate, which is a huge loss.

3.Wastage of time and resources

It is obvious that if you have an B2BMines online business, then you have invested time and resources to set it up.

Imagine you face a penalty!

The result – You end up wasting your entire time.

4.Wastage of money

Let us say you have an established business, but the search engine puts a ban on your website. Imagine the huge amount of your investment going in vain.

5.Loss of credibility

What will happen if your website has gained a lot of traffic and people know about it?

If the search engine imposes a ban, it will lead to a loss in the credibility of your website.

6.Removal from search engine index

Once a search engine finds out that you established a private blog network, it will certainly put an end to it. The search engine index removes your website from indexing pages, which means nobody can find your website anymore. That is a huge loss for website owners!

 Imagine the amount of time you spent in developing your site, and suddenly you cannot even find it!

7.Unethical practice

We all need to generate website traffic to earn revenue.

However, using a private blog network to do so is completely an unethical practice and try avoiding it as much as possible.

Few alternatives to private blog networking

  1.  Utilizing guest blogging

This is an effective way to provide credibility to your website and others’ website as well. You write on a certain topic and then promote the content which is actually ethical than private blog network.

2.Creating good content

Writing good and quality content will automatically lead your readers and viewers to share it, and undoubtedly, you would find traffic increasing for your website.

3.Writing testimonials

If you do not have much time to post a guest blog, then you can certainly write down testimonials and provide a backlink to your website. It is a very efficient technique to promote your website.

4.Keeping a check over social platforms

Keep updating your social platform with new and amazing content, and you shall find an increase in a number of visitors for your website.

5.Create a fan base

Try increasing your subscribers, email them regularly with share-worthy content, and note their response. With time, you are sure to notice the numbers of your audiences are increasing due to your valuable content.


Using a private blog network might seem easier to enhance your website traffic but remember shortcuts in business do not work for the long term, and using this technique would certainly lead to dire consequences.