Transfer options available to you at Airport Nairobi, Kenya

If you are planning for Kenya-Tanzania safaris then transport should be must be first in agenda. You can always book the best safari tours with reputed tour operators but it is important that you book airport pickup cars and hotel rooms in advance. Without proper transport you cannot move around fluently and it will be a big handicap if you don’t arrange for them well ahead of your tour to Africa. You can expect the following Airport transfers Nairobi Kenya models for traveling into the city from Kenyatta airport and they are:

  • Airports n Kenya
  • Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA)
  • Eldoret International Airport 
  • Moi International Airport / Mombasa Airport 
  • Kisumu International Airport
  • Domestic Airstrips/private airstrips 

You will need surface transport to reach these airports and Kenya offers them plenty. If you are budget oriented traveler you can board the 34 number bus service which shunts between Kenyatta International and City Centre Nairobi from 6AM TO 9PM.  You will get these services every 20 minutes and the bus fare will be a meager 0.45 Euros or 50KES. You will not find a better and cheaper transport from airport. You can optionally go for private taxis that are stationed outside the airport terminals. Hiring a transport from this source can be a harrowing experience if the taxi is not pre-booked by your agent. There is every chance that someone from the lot could swindle you and fleece you more than expected. It is better to avoid such airport transfers as it will land you in real bad trouble. Since you are new to the country the decision of booking or hiring transport is better left to the tour operator. 

Economy travelers can also hire the local transport such as bus or mini-bus which plies between airport and Nairobi central regularly. This transport may not be private and for luxury travelers it is not advised. Matatu or local transport mini-busses are cheaper options but can be crowded experience. Shuttle services are available at the airport terminal and you will have to book them in advance.  It is also recommended that you check your hotel for shuttle services as some of them in order to facilitate their guest could provide them. The travel can last anywhere from 40 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the type of transport you choose.  Besides hotel rooms and airport transfers you can also book an aircraft ride or helicopter by ordering them in advance through your travel agent. 

You will have to again book transport to reach the private airstrip from where you will start your Kenya flying tours. These are the most exhilarating experience in an African Safari tour. You can book single day flying tour or 3-4 days or 7-10 safaris to cover all aspects of your African holiday program.  An airborne safari offers you clear view of what is on the ground and you can see flocks of the big 5 wild animals of Nairobi Kenya Africa from the relative safety of an aircraft. It is a fantastic experience to fly over the savannah, water bodies, forests and the Great Migration to spot the African wildlife. A 4-day African safari could cost you $1,125 which will offer tented camp accommodation and a 9-day luxury class flying tour will cost you from $2,200 to $3,200. Budget oriented flying tours start at $850 for 6-day migration tour, and the Amboseli National Park will cost as low as $595. Kenya flying tours will cost $3,000 to $7, 000 per person depending on the type of aircraft or helicopter you hire and the duration of the flying tour. All these need to be addressed first and assessed for flying costs so you arrive at the right price that suit your budget. 

Some of the top flying safaris offered in Nairobi Kenya are fly-in safaris to Masai Mara, Amboseli National Park, Lewa and Samburu. The tour can be availed in packages of 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9 days. An air safari can be costly affair if you hire it exclusively but it could become cheaper if you club with others and share the costs. Your tour operator will be able to explain and book flying tours better than you so book the tours through a registered tour operator.