Top 10 Places to Visit – Once the LockDown is over

Nobody had expected in the last months of the year 2019 that they are heading towards the worst time of their life. The year 2020 has done a lot of damage to humanity and had cost millions of lives too. The Covid-19 virus outbreak had made people sick, traumatized and their lives devastated.

People are facing a lot of travel restrictions and also canceling travel plans by themselves to avoid the Coronavirus. The situation isn’t ideal for a prosperous living but the fact is that these things are also going to be resolved soon. People are eagerly waiting for the things to back on track and that is going to be possible after the launch of Covid-19 vaccines, but it will take a little more time.

Since then people are hoping for the best. You can resume your travel plans may be from next year and you should make a wish list of the places to travel in India once the lockdown or outbreak is over. I have done the same here for you and I am also sure you will find it worthy enough.

1.Butterfly Beach, Goa

Goa attracts millions of visitors from all over the blue planet every year. This place is a hotspot when it comes to the favorite place for Indians to travel. Goa is large and there are hundreds of places to explore. If you haven’t visited Goa yet, then you are clearly missing a lot.

Pack your bags and head to your favorite Goan destination after the Covid-19 pandemic. The surreal beauty and sandy beaches of Goa seashore will amaze you. Butterfly beach is one of the most famous and less explored beaches in Goa and you must visit this place once in your life.



Sikkim is heaven on earth and is a must to visit the place. It could be the best place for having some life after all these pandemic crap and unwanted situations. Sikkim is one of the least populated destinations of India and thus owns exotic natural beauty, flora, and fauna.

The beauty of Sikkim can’t be described in words and could be the right place for having the much-needed break you are looking from Corona. When it comes to tourist attractions, Sikkim has plenty of them including untouched lush forests, national parks, gurgling rivers and streams, lakes, snow-peaked mountains, incredible Buddhist monasteries, and the list goes on.

3.Atali, Rishikesh

Rishikesh is one of the best places for religious tourism and is called “Devbhumi” (land of Gods). There are numerous pilgrimage centers and famous Hindu temples throughout the state. Atali lies in Uttarakhand state of the country India which is a mountainous region.

It borders with the Himalayan mountain range and also home to few famous mountains such as Nanda Devi, Trisul, Chaukhamba, Nilkanth, Kedarnath, Shivlinga, and hundreds of others.

4.Zanskar Valley, Ladakh


The landscapes of Leh and Ladakh union territory are also mountainous but are completely different and exclusive when compared to the Himalayan states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, and others. Ladakh is a dry mountain range that receives less amount of rain resulting in arid vegetation and flora.

Most of the land is non-arable and barren which means less population density and unexploited natural beauty. Zanskar Valley is the home to multiple famous Buddhist monasteries and exotic local culture. You must do a visit to this place once the pandemic and lockdown are over.

5.Chail Hills, Himachal Pradesh

Whether you are planning for a weekend stay or want to spend more time traveling, Chail hills of the Indian state Himachal Pradesh could be the best place to visit. The tourism department of this particular place provides better camping and hiking facilities in the lush green and dense mountainous forest.

6.Guitar Island, Andaman


India is blessed with a lot of natural beauty which includes thousands of beaches all over the Indian Ocean. Most of them are isolated and lies at Andaman Nicobar and Lakshadweep island group. Guitar Island is also one of them and if you are planning to visit some beaches after lockdown then this could be the better choice to go with.

This island doesn’t have any inhabitants and opens for tourists most of the time during the year. The lush green forest, white sandy beaches, mangroves, exotic marine life, and cleanest blue sea water is enough to entertain you throughout the whole trip.

7.Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Wanna witness the real wilderness and the forests of Mowgli?

Madhya Pradesh is home to hundreds of Asiatic Bengal Tigers and most of them reside in India only. This is the place referred to as Mowgli’s home in Rudyard Kipling’s book “the jungle book”. The serene and untouched wilderness is exclusively amazing and will amaze you. This place isn’t home to only tigers; Satpura tiger reserve boasts diverse vegetation and wildlife.

The Satpura Mountain ranges lie inside this national park having the highest peak as Dhoopgarh peak at an elevation of 4429 ft. it is home to more than 52 species of mammal, 30 species of reptiles, 250 species of birds, 50 species of birds, and many species of insects.

8.Hemis National Park, Leh


Getting a view of tigers is easy in reserved forests or national parks but a subspecies of big cats is rarely visible even in wild and the name is the snow leopard. There are few thousands of snow leopards living in India and the population has reduced due to the unavailability of native land and increase in human encroachment.

They now live in few Himalayan national parks and Hemis national park is also one of them. This high altitude animal reserve has an area of more than 1,700 sq miles which makes it the largest national park in entire South Asia. Along with rarely visible and mysterious snow leopards, this place is the home to 73 bird and 16 mammal species respectively.


Meghalaya, the land of clouds is always ready to welcome its guests. Northeast India is packed with the utmost natural beauty, exotic wildlife, and incredible culture. Cherapunji, one of the wettest places in the world is situated in Meghalaya and a must to visit the place too.

The famous root bridges are common in the villages of Meghalaya and there is a place called Mawlynnog in Meghalaya honored to be the cleanest village in South Asia.



Another mountainous state of India situated at the Northeastern side is one of the most traveled places in India. Its surreal and scenic beauty will hypnotize you and you will not want to leave this destination even after the trip will be over. The tribal Naga community and their culture is a must to watch thing.

Bottom Line:

Traveling makes you feel relax and helps you reduce stress and anxiety. Living and working in the concrete jungle for a long time will make you sick and stressed mentally. You need something to feed your soul and wandering makes that thing come true.

This Covid-19 pandemic had made things more complicated and worse. You must travel to get rid of these things once the virus outbreak is over and this post will surely help you in creating the list of top travel destinations to visit and that gonna possibly next year.

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