Teak Vs. Bamboo bath mat: Which one is better for spa and shower?

Teak and bamboo, both are very popular materials that are being used for shower purposes. Both of the materials are different from each other in many aspects. The most common difference is that teak mats are comparatively expensive and bamboo mats are cheapest, so most of the people prefer to buy bamboo mats. Instead of the prices, both mats are different in their materials. We are providing you a guide of all the differences in these mats so that you can choose your mat accordingly. 

Advantages of having teak wood mats:

  • Track mats usually offer more resistance to the moisture in comparison to bamboo mats. 
  • Teak wood is one of the very strongest woods and it lasts for a longer period of time. 
  • Teak mats are more durable than the bamboo mats and people can use them even for years.
  • Teak mats are more appealing to people as compared to bamboo mats and that makes them different and unique.

Disadvantages of teak wood mats:

  • They are more expensive than the bamboo mats. 
  • They are more susceptible to staining over a period of time. 
  • It requires treatment from time to time in order to prevent the fading of its color. 

Advantages of bamboo mat:

  • Bamboo mats are very lightweight and they are very versatile in their nature. 
  • Bamboo mats are cheaper and inexpensive so people can easily afford them to buy. 
  • They do not stain easily as compared to teak wood mats. 
  • They are more environment friendly and can bear extreme temperatures as well. 

Disadvantages of bamboo mat:

  • When it is being used for showers too often, it can become soft and mushy over a period of time as it is more susceptible to moisture.
  • It can easily be molded as compared to teak wood mats. 
  • It also requires maintenance.  

Which one is better for you?

We have compared both of the mats and now there a question arises which mat is better to use for shower? You can see that none of them is perfect and both of them have their pros and cons as there is nothing perfect in this world. As we have seen that teak mats are expensive and people cannot afford to buy them but they are durable as well. Bamboo mats are not as durable as teak mats but they are available at low prices. 

As these mats are supposed to come in contact with water all the time so you should not compromise on their durability and it is your right to buy durable products. As bamboo mats are not durable and they become soft and mushy over time so they are of no use as they will be damaged after some time. After some time, you will again need to buy another shower mat so it is recommended for you to spend money for once rather than again and again. By considering all the factors, we came up to a conclusion that teak wood mats are better than the bamboo mats. They are expensive but you need to spend money only once and you will use them for years because of their durability.