Slip in a net nighty for honeymoon and other tips to spice up your nights!

Physical intimacy in a marriage might become boring if it hits a monotone. Sex is meant to be a fun thing, and not something that you do just for the sake of your partner because that kind of physical intimacy can be termed as sex but not as lovemaking. A good physical intimacy makes sure that your marriage does not have a rough patch, and when you grow older, you are more mentally connected than if you were prudently physically connected in your younger days.

Here are some tips to spice up your nights and circumvent your bedroom routine from being monotonous.


Not every night, but a few nights a month, you can light some normal or aromatic candles with fragrances of your and his choice, and decorate your room with these beauties. Do not underestimate the power of these twinkling lights to transform your bedroom into a romantic paradise in a blink. They not only make the entire setting romantic but also welcome your partner with some freshness.

Try different position

Do not stick to few moves, every time you indulge in lovemaking, make sure to try newer positions so neither you nor your partner finds sex boring. You can either watch a porn or an erotica together, and then get in your lovemaking sessions trying some new foreplay tricks and positions from those.

Stylish latest sexy night dress for women

Many women in India consider that slipping in a sexy nightwear to seduce your partner is meant for the newlyweds or in the initial years of marriage. This is an incorrect notion, in fact, when a new marriage is new, the couple is experimenting with the basic lovemaking, and they never get bored doing it. After a few years of marriage, when it gets repetitive that is the time when boredom hits. Thus, no matter how many years you have been married, slip in a sexy nightwear every now and then to rule his heart and make him ogle for you.

Dirty Talking

Again, a good number of Indian couples are of the opinion that sexting or talking dirty to your partner is meant for the unmarried young couples. This notion too is wrong as fantasy plays a major role in making your sex life fantastic, no fantasy no fun. When you indulge in sexting and the way it builds up your mood, you are sure to have a night full of bliss.

Lastly, while buying transparent night wears in India make sure to consider its fit and fabric as the primary parameters.