Role of Alcoholism in Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the problem of male boobs that is raising day by day from all over the world. Some of the patients are aware of Gynecomastia while some of them are finding out solutions with some surprising names of Gynecomastia like man boobs, man breasts. The problem of Gynecomastia affects men of all ages. But many patients are still confused regarding Gynecomastia. The best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon for Gynecomastia surgery always ensure the best results. Read this blog until the end because this blog is going to be very helpful for all the patients of Gynecomastia.

This blog is written for all the patients who are looking for Gynecomastia surgery. Various causes are responsible for male breasts:

  • Imbalance of Hormones i.e; fall in androgen(male hormone) and a rise in estrogen(female hormone)
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Decrease in testosterone
  • Consumption of Excessive Alcohol
  • Consumption of Steroids
  • Consumption of Non-Organic food

Surgery is the only solution to treat Gynecomastia completely. So, it is highly suggested to every patient to choose only Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon for the surgery. Gynecomastia Surgery is a minimally invasive surgery but if non-experienced doctors and technicians have performed this surgery then it might be a chance of surgical errors which affects the surgery results as well.

In this blog, I am sharing some fascinating facts about the role of Alcohol Consumption in Gynecomastia.

Occasional alcohol intake has no role at all in gynecomastia. Severe alcoholism can lead to liver failure and cirrhosis. In cirrhosis and liver failure, the liver is not able to break down testosterone. In the body, in absence of breakdown in the liver, testosterone is converted in the body to estrogen, this leads to a rise in levels of estrogen. This leads to gland formation in the male breast gland.

In the above scenario will lead to rising a situation of surgery for the patient. The surgical procedure will depend upon the grades of Gynecomastia. The procedure varies like puffy nipples and Grade 1 will be treated under local anesthesia while other grades will be treated under general anesthesia. It is suggested to choose a well-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon to undergo surgery because the well-experienced surgeon will definitely inform the importance of the triple barrier system. Must consider the triple barrier system for the best results.

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