Regaining the love of life after a tummy tuck

Hi, my name is Manisha (changed name), a resident of Delhi, India. A few months back, my life was completely different. I was obese and had huge belly fat. The reason behind gaining this abnormal weight and belly fat was delivery. I had given birth to a baby recently, I was on one hand very happy and on the other wondered about losing weight. As a result, instead of losing weight, I gained more. This resulted in a huge amount of fat deposition on the belly. I was worried about how I would lose my tummy tuck.

I tried everything, from dieting to gymming to exercise. Even I tried weight loss medicines too. None of these helped. My husband was too embarrassed by me and didn’t take me to public places​ and with his friends. I felt dejected and was left alone. Then I came across an article about tummy tuck surgery, I thought of extracting deeper knowledge about this. Then I thought it’s a good option, I should definitely consult a plastic surgeon for this and then only reach some decision.

Now my hunt for the best plastic surgeon began. I had a pile of names. Now before going for a plastic surgeon, I had to know who was the best. I couldn’t just go to any random plastic surgeon and spend my money without thinking. Consulting charges are very high these days and spending recklessly on this was no brain. One of my acquaintances is a healthcare professional, I thought of taking his advice. He then suggested that I consider fewer things before reaching out to any plastic surgeon. These were-

Authentic degree and certifications​

A good clinical/hospital set up

Skilled staff

Hygiene protocols being followed

Safety measures being followed

Now I had some points and I could easily filter out many options beforehand only. Ultimately, after consulting​ 4-5 surgeons, I finally consulted a plastic surgery gem, Dr. Amit Gupta. With an overwhelming experience of more than 17+ years in plastic surgeries including tummy tuck surgery, he knew exactly what I wanted. He listened to me very carefully and patiently. He even suggested to me fewer other options as well. I was, at first, skeptical. But then when I saw testimonial videos of previous patients and their before and after results pics, I immediately knew that yes he is the one. 

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After finalizing everything, the cost of the surgery, and the day, I began dreaming of getting my old body back. I was nervous as well. You know even the option of paying the surgery cost in installments was also there. I was so relieved. The big day came. I was put to sleep (anesthesia) during the whole surgery, so I didn’t feel even a bit of pain. After the procedure, I was shifted toward and was discharged the same day. I was advised to follow certain precautions and restrictions following the surgery.

How many months have passed since the surgery, I had no post surgery complication and my surgery, just like his other surgeries, was a success. 

If you are also thinking of getting a tummy tuck surgery done in Delhi NCR and North India, then you must consider Dr. Amit Gupta. He is a very renowned and experienced​ plastic surgeon. His Clinic Divine Cosmetic Surgery is located in New Delhi itself. With an exceptional team of other 3 plastic surgeons, he is offering his services at his Delhi-based center. Over the years, he and his team have performed thousands of plastic surgeries including tummy tuck surgery.

Guys, do reach out to him. Still if you have any doubt, just consider consulting​ him for once and I’m pretty sure, you are going to be immensely happy and satisfied.

People, just like Manisha, can also get benefitted from tummy tuck surgery in Delhi. This surgery is beneficial for both men and women equally and can be performed after various conditions like post-childbirth, post any surgery leading to losing tummy, obesity, and many more where your tummy requires a touch-up and you require a complete transformation.