Parquet Flooring – Why You Need It and How to Take Care of It

When you think of parquet flooring, what comes to mind? Is it the colorful pieces of artwork adorning the fronts of many parquet floors? Is it that parquet floors are made from a type of hardwood that is often likened to that of expensive mahogany furniture?

What you may not know is that parquet flooring is used in many residential and commercial properties because of the unique qualities that make it a desirable addition to homes. Parquet is also referred to as marble, but when it comes to floors, parquet floors are so much more than just a fancy name for something that looks like marble.

Parquet floors are called this because they resemble a patterned piece of marble, but they also have the added benefit of being very easy to clean and maintain, which makes them a very popular choice in properties where a beautiful look is desired. It is important to note that these floors were originally designed for churches, homes, and offices, but the use of parquet floors has expanded to the point where it can be found in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and several other types of businesses. Because of the popularity of parquet floors, many companies specialize in making these kinds of floors.

Marble floors, which are often found in public areas, are easy to clean. A damp mop with a neutral base cleaner is all that is needed to get these floors looking clean. For parquet floors, it is a different story. Even though the floor is highly polished, cleaning it can prove to be quite difficult, requiring a professional’s touch.

Parquet Flooring can sometimes even require professional cleaning and will stain quite easily if this happens. Be sure to wear protective clothing such as plastic or rubber gloves when you clean the floors and be careful when using harsh chemicals on the floors.

parquet flooring

If you need professional help, there are several ways in which you can clean the parquet floors without hiring a professional. The first thing that you should do is buy a vacuum, which is necessary if you want to keep the floors squeaky-clean. Vacuuming parquet floors every few days is all that is needed, as long as you do not overdo it.

You will also need to let the stains sit on the floor, so blotting up the stain is not necessary. Using a sponge or some kind of cloth, blot up any stain that remains after you have removed the dirt. Always be gentle with the floors, and use some elbow grease to remove the stubborn stains that show up over time.

You will need to scrub the floors periodically to keep the stain from showing up again. Scrubbing vigorously without drying the floor will only cause permanent damage to the floor, so make sure to move the furniture around as little as possible.

Cleaning your parquet flooring yourself is an excellent way to save money because you are not spending money on professional cleaning. Plus, you can save time as well, because you do not have to hire a professional to come out to your home to do the job for you.

It is important to be careful when cleaning your parquet floors because the surface is polished. Even so, some spots and blemishes can be hard to remove unless the cleaners are very gentle.

One trick that works extremely well when cleaning the parquet flooring is to use liquid soap and water. This method will not damage the floors but can be very easy to use and very efficient at removing stains.

If you live in an area where parquet flooring is needed, it is important to take care of it properly.