Mount Kenya offers the best chances to both expert and amateur climbers

If you are good at mountain climbing you can opt for a Kenya mountain climbing expedition. Kenya has Mount Kenya, the second tallest mountain peak in the continent that is next to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. It offers the most ideal environment for climbing as it suits both trained climbers and amateurs.  A Kenya mountain hiking adventure will take you to Mount Kenya where you have 3 peaks to conquer. And the highest peaks of the mountain include Batian at 5,199 metres or 17,057 feet, Nelion at 5,188 m or 17,021 ft and Point Lenana at 4,985 m or 16,355 ft.  You could at least capture Point Lenana which is the nearest and easy to climb. If you are climbing you should take the rock climb route which is easier to undertake.

Before commencing the tour make sure to book your guide cum climbing coach as it will be very helpful to you. Mount Kenya has a varied landscape, ambiance, and environment which may be a thick forest. Dry rock formations, and extremely cold heights. Without a guide, it may be difficult for you to fathom the heights so book one through your tour operator. In Africa, Kenya and Tanzania have the best Wildlife Safari Tours which include the world-famous Serengeti-Masai Mara exodus. The Great migration starts from July-October every year. It is a great sight to behold as you see millions of wildebeests jostling with other wildlife species like zebra, eland, antelope etc. They are followed by predators from both on the ground and under the water. 

You must choose the right time period for witnessing the exodus as we mentioned above. It will be ideal for you to choose the months of July and August as each wildebeest. Its own chosen route cover 800 to 1000km during the migration. You will not find a better spectacle than this one and you should not miss it for anything. When you come to visit Africa on a scheduled tour. A flying safari will be most suited for the occasion as it will allow you to observe the breathtaking scenery unfolding below. You could also cover more area using an aircraft than using ground transport. To book African safari tours call Ashford Tours & Travels on phone numbers +254 20 3341101, +254 20 3341102, +254 20 3341103 or +254 20 3341104.