Monogrammed Artifact – The World of Engraved Knives

There is a large population of people who love collecting antique weapons, but there are also many who love to flaunt their ownership. It is not unheard of for people to get weapons like swords, knives and shields and get them engraved. Out of these, monogramming or Engraving Knives is a common practice often done by weapon sellers. But this is not just limited to antique retailers; custom knives are a prevalent business in the weapon world. 

What Are Engraved Knives?

  • The practice of carving something into the metal blade or the wooden handle of a knife makes it an engraved knife. 
  • Engraving is an ancient carving technique that is used to customize the weapon according to its warrior’s personality.
  • It was used to identify who owned the weapon, but you can also find proverbs, symbols and poetry engraved in some knives.
  • Now that swords aren’t used apart from collecting, people tend to get smaller knives engraved.
  • One of the most commonly customized tools is engraved pocket knives. 
  • Out of all other kinds of knives, pocket knives are personal tools that an individual carries. 
  • Since there are countless designs available, engraving pocket knives is also a form of customizing. 

How Much Does It Cost To Engrave A Knife?

That would probably depend on what the engraving is and what kind of knife you want to be engraved. Much like tattoos, they are individually priced based on what you get. But normally you can get a couple of knives engraved $20 and minimum $5 for one. 

Turning Simple into Special – Quality Knives for Engraving 

Each person has their own taste when it comes to customization. That is why it is better to have multiple kinds of knives that can be engraved in different ways. But to retain the engraving and keep it looking pristine, the knife itself has to be ideally high-quality. 

There are some top-notch knife retailers who have sturdy and quality knives for sale. You can get knives in bulk and customize them according to your clientele. Here are some major players in the knife game and their ace products for engraving. 

Elk Ridge Knives

If there is one knife manufacturer who is retaining the old warrior spirit in their knives, its Elk Ridge. Their knives are made from the most high-density steel and quality wood.

You can get amazing pieces like the Elk Ridge Ballistic 4.75 Inch Spring Assisted Folder Knife. It has a gorgeous brown pakkawood handle and a stainless steel blade, both of which makes this the best-engraved pocket knife. You can add custom designs to it and enhance it’s crafted beauty.

If you want to add custom touches to an already polished and dazzling knife, then the Elk Ridge Fixed Blade Knife is perfect. The stainless steel polished mirror blade and overlay pakkawood handle provide much room for knife buyers to add their mark.

Tac Force Knives

These knives are best known for their structural integrity and bold designs. Most knives you will find by Tac Force will guarantee to have strong materials and simplistic structures. For engraving, you should get knives like the Tac-Force Spring Assist Knife with a light pakkawood handle. It allows a frame for the imagination to engrave on the wide blade and the handle.

However one of the most revered knives out of the pocket knives category is the slim and sleek stiletto knives. They are usually owned by people who like to perform knife tricks. You can get the Tac Force Huge Stiletto Style Spring Assist Knife with red pakkawood handle. What better knife could there be to engrave but the one that’s built for showmanship?

MTech Knives

Tactical, simplistic and utility based, Mtech knives are surely good for customization. There are many plan options that can be engraved from their collection. Most people like to have their everyday carry knives engraved because they carry them everywhere. These knives are built plainly so more personality can be added to them.

Look out for items like 8.25 inch Spring Assisted Black Pakkawood pocket knife which is good for engraving. There are also other simple variations available in this knife like the brown pakkawood handle as well that would show prominent engraving.  

Add a Personalized Touch to Cheap Pocket Knives

It isn’t the price that makes an object special, and that’s also true for knives. If you want to sell engraved knives that would excite your customers, then buy wholesale knives from Knife Import. All the knives listed above and more are available on their website at incredibly low prices, starting from $5.

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