Irritable Bowel Syndrome Or IBS Symptoms, Diagnosis and Cure-

When It comes to our Mind IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is Directly Related to the Intestine and Stomach Parts of the Body. Now, what are IBS Symptoms some studies told us when the Digestion processes in our body are not working Properly then this could be a symptom of IBS? In this chapter, we will clear the Definitions of This syndrome or you can say a Disease.

Factors lead to Irritable Bowel Syndrome-

Based on the Problems we are mentioning some of the Stomach Problems which can Lead to IBS symptoms. There are so many Causes that can Make our Stomach and Intestine working Worst after a Period of time. So you don’t have to ignore these Irritatable Bowel Syndrome symptoms when coming for a long time.

  1. Hyperacidity- Lack of Physical Activity in life may lead to Serious Problems Like you will start Feeling Full stomach after Eating Anything. Generally, Gas formation in the Stomach is also a part of the Digestion Process but it should not be over and over. 
  2. Constipation- This is most Pass our Motion in one or two times some time Situation is so much Critical that Patient have to Take Medicines and antacid like Medicines to Go for a normal Motions. Excessive use of Medicines used for Bowel Movement and stool pass may have side effects on our body.
  3. Cramping and Bloating or Distention is the worst Situation that comes after Hyperacidity and Constipation after a long period of time.
  4. Diarrhea is the Reverse of Constipation. in this situation patient not able to Stop the Stool Pass and this movement could be 4-5 times a day after Eating. This could do severe damage to the Gut Movement and inner lining of the Intestine.

Diagnosis of the Irritatable Bowel Syndrome-

One of my friends was suffering from this Syndrome. Initially when he went to see the Doctor. He was having some Common Symptoms like Stomach Pain, HyperAcidity, Change in Stool Colour, Mucus in the stool, and sometimes it was Constipation and Sometimes it was Diarrhea. Now if this kind of symptom pursues for a long period of time, Doctors may suggest he Perform some of the Necessary tests which will help him to Identify the Root Cause of the Diseases. 

  1. Stool Test For Bacterial Infection-

When it comes to Changes in the stool Colour and shape Doctor will ask to have a Stool Test which will Help in Diagnose of the Stomach Problems. By getting this Test we get to know that this Infection is Cause by the Bacteria like H-Pylori Bacteria or viruses spread by Contaminated Food and Water.

  1. Endoscopy- This is the Main Test Used to Find the Internal Cause in the Stomach and Upper Abdomen of the Body. in this Test a Tube Like Structure is to be inserted through the Throat section of the Body. by performing this test we get to know about the Infection, Ulcers or Acid Reflux like Serious Conditions of the Stomach.
  2. Colonoscopy- As the name suggests this test is used to find the Root Problems in the Colon area like the small intestine and Large intestine of the body. Any change in the intestine region could easily be detected by having this test.
  3. A practical examination is also performed by the Doctor to know any kind of Obstruction in the Colon region.

Cure Related to Irritatable Bower Syndromes-

Many theories come to mind when we go for the Cure and Treatment of the IBS syndrome. We hereby provide the List of Food Products that will definitely help to overcome the Symptoms and Help in Minimizing the Symptoms.

  1. Do Regular Exercise – This is the important key factor to overcome the IBS symptoms. if a person is having some Breathing exercise and Yoga this will surely help in Regulating the Bowel Movement of the Food we are eating.
  2. One Person suffering should Drink 4-5 litres a Day this will Make the Stool Movement Easier to Pass and also helps in Food Digestion.
  3. One Person Should Eat a Fibre-rich diet to Make the Stool Movement better and keep your  Body Hydrated.
  4. Live a Stress-Free life is very important because our Mind has Direct control over the Stomach and the Digestion Process. Stress can cause severe Health Problems.

In this article, we came to know what is IBS and what we need to Do to diagnose these problems. What are the Preventive measures that can be taken to Minimize the symptoms of this Syndrome and to lead a Healthy Life? Digital Search Club is the only platform that provides us with the Necessary Update on Health, Entertainment, Sports and News from time to time.