How to protect kids & teens from Social Media Dangers?

Teens are obsessed with social media apps and websites and they use it all day long on their cellphone devices connected to cyberspace. Therefore, parents are always getting worried about their online safety and they don’t want their children to become the victim of online predators. There are plenty of social media dangers that are on the rise and victimizing children on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more. So, parents can protect teens using cellphone monitoring software.

Social media dangers that can harm teens

There are plenty of social media websites and applications teens and children are using on their mobile devices. Sex-offenders and convicts these days appear on social media platforms and try to approach young teens and become their friends. Moreover, stalkers and cyber bullies are the ones that are very dangerous for children and always social media to trap teens then meet them in real –life for sexual motives and to humiliate them online.

 Moreover, children themselves used to take interest in online dating, watch adult content and to interact with unknowns on social messaging apps. Therefore, there is no other solution, but to use mobile phone tracking software.

What is OgyMogy?

It is a high –tech tool that was developed for the surveillance of mobile and tablet devices connected to the internet. You can install it on the children’s digital phones to make sure their online safety and further protect teens from social media dangers.

You can use plenty of features to track cellphones.  You can use screen recorder, IM’s logs, IM’s VoIP call recording, screenshots, keylogger, internet history, GPS location tracking, read messages, surround recording, block messages remotely, block incoming calls, and block internet remotely on the target device active with social media messaging apps. You can get help from the customer service to get rid of technical issues. The application is easy to install and easy to navigate its features to upload the information running on the target device.


You can use social media messenger monitoring app on all the contemporary phones and tablet devices running with Android operating systems.  It works secretly on the Android version 10 and above.

How to install mobile phone tracking app?

Now parents can protect kids and teens from all sorts of social media dangers and prevent children from inappropriate activities, but you need to visit the OgyMogy. Therefore, go to its webpage, and then get the subscription online. You will receive an email alongside the password and ID of your license. Now you need to get physical access on the target device and once you have it then get started with the process of installation.

Once you have completed the installation you have to activate it on the target device. However, before the activation, you will see a pop –up message on the screen and you can use it to hide the icon of OgyMogy. Now use the credentials that you been received and get access to the online web portal. Get access to the powerful tools that enable you to protect kids from all social media dangers to the fullest.

Use mobile monitoring software Features to protect kid’s from social media dangers

IM’s social media

It is the best tool that you can use via an online dashboard and then get access to the installed social media apps running on the target device using social media messenger spy software. It empowers you to track the logs of instant messaging apps such as messages, chats, audio VoIP calls, and multimedia and voice messages.

IM’s VoIP call recording

Users can get access to installed instant messengers running on a target device such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Hangout, and skype. You can record one-sided VoIP calls of social media apps and save the recording to the web portal.


You can remotely capture screenshots of the target mobile device when the target device user is using social media platforms. You can schedule plenty of screenshots commands on the dashboard to get detailed activities.

Screen recording

Users can record all the activities happening on the target device screen using screen recorder app. Moreover, you can make short videos of the screen back to back and send them to the online web portal.


OgyMogy is the best tool for parents to protect kids and teens from social media dangers and prevent them from all dangers and inappropriate activities they used to perform on social media apps and websites. Subscribe to this tool before your children become the victim of stranger danger.