How to dry bath mats: The ultimate tips for beginners

Bath mats are one of the very important accessories that people usually use in their bathrooms. Like all other accessories, bath mats also require cleaning and maintenance. After cleaning mats, drying bathroom mats is another process. There are different materials that are used in the manufacturing of bath mats and each material requires a separate drying process. These materials include cotton, microfiber, rubber, memory foam and bamboo. Drying bathroom mats is an easy process but if you are not aware of the right way to dry your mats, don’t worry, we are providing you a guide on how to dry bath mats that are made up of different materials. 

Be careful while drying your baby bath mats because if you dry them in a wrong way, they can get many germs, bacteria, mildew and other infection. Due to advancement of technology, there are some mats that dry very fast with less effort. There are some different ways to dry bath mats: 

Air drying: 

Air drying is the best method for bath mats that are made up of cotton, rubber and plastic material.

  •  After washing your mat, hang it outside but away from direct sunlight because it can damage the color of your mat.
  •  For air drying, you can also dry it in the machine but on an “air only” setting as it will rinse all the excessive moisture. 
  • You can save electricity by drying your mat in the natural air. 

By using drying machine:

Drying bath mats in the machine dryer is the fastest method but most of the mats cannot be dried in this way as their manufacturing material can be damaged. Mats that have plastic backings cannot be dried in this way. This method is best for mats that are made up of fabric. 

It is the fastest way of drying bath mats but is careful because it can easily damage the bath mat material.  

Before putting the mat into the dryer, read all the instructions very carefully. 

How to dry bath mat with rubber backing: 

  • At first, read all the instructions that are mentioned on the mat very carefully and follow them. 
  • Now by shaking your mat, remove all the dust and dirt and then wash it properly. 
  • Now, you can dry rubber backing mats by using a microfiber cloth as well as a machine dryer. 
  • If you’re using a dryer, make sure to dry it on low mode of heat or you can dry it for 20 minutes on “tumble dry.” 
  • Remove them immediately in order to avoid any wrinkling. 

How to dry memory foam bath mat: 

  • Firstly read all the instructions carefully and follow them. 
  • There could be several instructions that you have to follow in order to dry bath mats. You have asked to dry the plastic backing on low heating mode. 
  • You can also dry mats by hanging them on stainless steel hooks but not in direct sunlight. 
  • Do not use clothespins as they can leave imprint marks on the memory foam. 
  • After drying them, stretch them with your hands in order to reshape them and bring them back to their original dimension. 

How to avoid soaking wet bath mats: 

You can avoid soaking wet bath mats by using four different ways. 

  1. Prevention
  • If you want to make the drying process quicker, make sure to avoid wetting too much. 
  • In order to do this, take a microfiber towel with you and try to dry yourself with that towel as much as possible. 
  • In this way, there will not be any excessive water in the mat and it will dry quicker than the usual time. 
  1. Replacement mat
  • Second way is to have two same bath mats that you can use alternatively. You can exchange them between showers and it will save your detergent, electric power and time. 
  • You can exchange the current mat with the dry one and it will prevent too much soaking. 
  • It will help to dry them faster by repeating the exchanging process. 
  1. Get quick drying mat

With the advancement of technology, there are certain mats available in the markets that are specifically designed to dry very fast. Their technology would not let them be soaked too much and it will help them dry quicker. 

  1. Towel over mat
  • It is the cheapest way as you will only need a towel for this purpose. 
  • Place the towel on the top of your mat as it will prevent water from reaching the mat and in this way, soaking can be prevented. 
  • In order to dry the towel, hang them outside and air dry it.