How to clean a teak shower floor mats: The easy cleaning recipes

Teak shower mats require maintenance and cleaning too often. They can lose their shine over time so cleaning is very necessary so that they can retain their shine and look over a period of time. Teak mats are very popular because of their various properties. But they require maintenance and cleaning and we are providing you a step by step guide on how to clean a teak shower floor mat

Cleaning recipes:

  • In order to clean wood in a perfect way, there are wood cleaners available in the market. They are very easy to use and also they come with the instructions so there is not any difficulty and you can easily use them in order to clean teak wood. You can use this cleaner on the wood with the help of a brush or a sponge. 
  • You can also use household products for cleaning purposes such as vinegar, bleach and detergent. You can easily mix these products with equal amounts of water and then by using a brush or sponge, you can apply them on the wood. 
  • In order to remove mold from the wood, you can mix either one part of vinegar or bleach, whatever you want with three parts of water and then scrub this mixture on the wood. 

Step by step cleaning guide:

There are many factors such as soap residue and water minerals that can damage your teak wood and they are required to be cleaned as soon as possible. The most easy and temporary solution to clean wood on a daily basis is by spraying water on all over the surface. But water cannot effectively clean the heavy residues and a mold can be formed on the surface. So in order to clean all the residues and in order to remove mold you will have to follow further steps. 

  • Although there are many cleaners available for this purpose, you can use a suitable amount of premade cleaner and after applying it on the surface, wait for some time so that wood can soak it. 
  • Make sure that all your cleaning solution has soaked in sufficiently. After it, take a brush with soft bristles and scrub the whole surface. It will help to remove all the grime and other particles from the surface. 
  • After completing step 2, it is the time to spray the clean water all over the surface as it will remove all the debris and residues that are present on the surface. You can easily repeat the same step if you are using homemade cleaner. 
  • Now, wait for some time so that the surface gets dry and then take teak oil and apply it on the surface. It will help to restore the moisture and luster and it will give your mat a completely new look. 

Some tips for maintaining: 

  • Try to clean your mats too often in order to prevent heavy buildups of mold and scum. If you clean it on a daily basis, it will last long. 
  • Never use a power washer for cleaning it because your surface can be damaged with heavy pressure of water. Water can also be accumulated between the gaps of the wood and it will affect the finish of the mat. 
  • It is recommended to use oil or sealer after every wash so that it can retain its original color and luster. 
  • To scrub your base, do not use steel wool and scouring pads, no matter what the conditions are because your surface can be scratched and affect the finish. 

Conclusion remarks 

We hope that you have got really useful information on cleaning your teak shower floor. It is not a difficult task at all and it will not take much time either but you have to clean it on a regular basis by using only the right and suitable products. It will ensure the protection and safety of your floor mat and it will last long.