Get in your black nighty for honeymoon and other tips to bring in the lost physical intimacy in your relationship!

The work stress and the added responsibilities with time affect the physical intimacy in a marriage. Not generalizing it, but in a huge number of cases, after few years of marriage, men tend to lose their sex drive.

In this blog, let’s have a look at some of the tips that will help you to trigger his sexual desire, and bring the lost spark back.

Flirt With Him

One reason any relationship loses the spark is because the freshness in that relationship gets wearied away with time. A simple trick to get it back is by doing things you did first. Compliment him, drop a peck on his cheek, use some cheesy pickup lines, and everything else that a new couple does.

Get back to your sexy night wear wardrobe

Remember that awesome sauce make out sessions when he used to rip you off your sexy lingerie, and explore you as if he had never touched you before. Bring back that vibe, that craziness. Add in a bunch of new sensuous-looking night dress for women combo pack to your wardrobe.

Touch Him Often

Do not miss a single opportunity to make physical contact with him. Holding his hands under a pillow while watching movies, or slightly unintentionally touching him every time you pass by. Let the chemistry be alive whenever it can.

Naughty Texts

What do you mean you both are working from home, and practically sitting on the bed or desk working? The magic of sexting is different and do not underestimate it. No matter you are sitting inches apart from each other being glued to your laptops, message something dirty and wait for his reply. Also, don’t do it when either of you is extremely busy with work, or else it will work in a completely wrong direction.Go hunt for the best ladies night dress online in India to revamp your bedroom life.