Fourteenth of February is the valentine’s day and for that day the couples from all around the world are ready to spend time with each other but there are times when our significant other is just not near us so the best thing to do at that time is to just send flowers to delhi or wherever they are, in this way you can remind them that distance does not matter. 


It is your first valentine’s day and you are wondering about the gifts that you can gift to your loved one and this is where you think what can you gift them you don’t have to go overboard with the gifts but just make it special for them. valentines are just one occasion where you could be with them so make the whole day special for your lover and yourself as well, in this way you both will be able to spend some time together as well as the love will increase. You must be wondering what can you gift them this year on valentines which is normal, a couple who is celebrating for the first will surely be puzzled so here is a list for you:


If you are one of those persons who don’t have a lot of time to spend with your loved one then you can always go for the time and spend some time with them. in this way they will be happy as well, if you don’t share a place then you can just surprise them with your presence and just remind them how special they are to you. They will just love it. Bring some breakfast for them and just spend the whole day together with the, it will be magical. 


This is just another gift which is just perfect flowers are known to express the deepest emotions as well and you can always go for them. you can just get them roses but since it is valentines and the roses might be in demand so if you don’t get roses you don’t have to worry there are many other flowers which will convey your love to them in many deep ways like red tulips and the red carnations they are always there and they will show how passionate you are towards them, you can always approach the best florist in Ahmedabad


Now the cards that you buy in a shop are definitely beautiful with beautiful messages written in them, but you can always add a little spice to it with the handmade cards, they are just amazing and beautiful and they can convey how much your significant other means to you, you can always make one and they will just appreciate them as the card show how much you have put in the card and this makes the card pretty special. You don’t have to go for poetry but you always can think of the short messages to write in the card. 


The art of letter writing is just lost these days but it Is not so difficult to slow, you can always write many letters to your significant other and just send them off through the mail or you can just keep it in the mail. When they see the letters a huge smile will be there on their face, after all, it is you who is doing that and letters are just another beautiful way of expressing how much you love them, you can also quote Shakespeare if you wish to or maybe write a poem in them. 


This is another beautiful way of just showing them the romance you could always take them to where you met them for the first time, this will just remind them of the beautiful time you have spent together, now valentine’s day is not all about flowers and letters it is a day where you two spend some time together with each other and just see how your relationship has changed you. You can always surprise them with this. Just blindfold them and just take them in the car to their favourite place in this way you will keep this a secret as well. 

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