Earlier 2 Petals Fan used to come, but now 4 Petals come, why

Earlier 2 petals fan used to come, but now 4 petals come, why so: a lot of things have changed over time. Earlier some things used to be different, but as time progressed, those things also started to change. Earlier, the trains used to be very small and open from the top, but now about 5 to 6 people can sit in a car. Apart from this, earlier used to cook food on the stove, but now with time gas has come in every house. The fan has just such a story.

Earlier 2 petals fan used to come, but now 4 petals come, why is this?

Yes, right now most of the fans in your homes or offices have three blades, but not even that all the fans are of three blades. S astonishing thing to tell you if you know that 3 to 5 bladed wings are also used in many countries of America and Europe. Now the question comes, why in India most of the three blades use wings only? Let us tell you.

Fan work

All of you will know what would be the work of the fan. The job of the fan is to let the current air around and spread it around. When the air hits our body, the sweat of the body dries up, especially in summer. The heat required to convert sweat from water to gas. It comes out of our body and when this heat comes out of our body, our body feels cold and you get some relief from the heat.

The contribution of the blade to the fan

As you know, the main function of the fan is to let the current flow through the air, so only the blades on the fan do the work of blowing the fan, the more blades the fan will be able to flow more air, but in this, There is also a fault and that is that having more blades also reduces the weight of the fan and the speed of the fan.

The reason for putting three blades in the fan

The true cause of the three blades in the fan is balance. Actually, the angle between the wings is 120 degrees due to which the fan is more in balance than the wings with four or five blades, which reduces the load on the fan motor and results in less power expenditure and noise.

Why 4 to 5 blade fans are used in America

America 4 to 5 blade fan is used because even though its speed is low, these fans are able to circulate more air. In countries like America, the fan is used to increase air circulation of air condition. To get relief from the heat of neither. Therefore four blades are used for circulation there.

Which fan is better

The answer to this question depends on where the fan needs are. If the fan is used in an air condition room, then a fan with 4 to 5 blades will benefit there because it will rapidly spread cold air throughout the room, but be aware that this fan makes a lot of noise and it will cost you electricity. May also increase. On the other hand, if there is too much heat and there is no air conditioner in the room, then a three-blade fan is the best. This will make less noise and will also reduce electricity costs.

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