Challenges in Agile Software development

Unlike the traditional software testing methods, which happens after the software development is completed or about to finish, the Agile method involves the testing together with the process of application development. The Agile software development is widely popular globally because it makes the whole software testing process convenient and produces precise end results. 

But along with the number of advantages it offers, agile software development can pose some challenges for the software testing services companies and the Quality Assurance providers. 

Let’s have a look in detail;

  • In agile development, there is less need for the copy work and documentation of the testing process therefore there can be a lot of scope for human errors by the QA testers. 
  • Developers add new features and updates frequently. This puts more pressure on the testing team while reducing the overall available testing time to meet the deadlines.
  • The testing team is involved in the Agile development process since the beginning of the project, hence they are expected to play the role of partial developer also.
  • Because the agile process is quick and speedy, testing team is left with quite less time to prepare the testing plan and come up with the right strategies. 
  • The executed agile software development life cycle (SDLC in software testing) is very compressed. 
  • The testers play an important role in maintaining the quality of overall project than just performing testing on the product.
  • There are many code changes and updates according to the client requirements and specifications, which becomes necessary to test as soon as any modification is made. This might be the biggest challenge that the applicant testing services companies and the testers face during an Agile process.