Challenges for Amazon sellers

There’s no doubt that Amazon helps its sellers in becoming entrepreneurs by connecting with hundreds of thousands of trusted buyers on its platform. With the best Amazon Listing Optimization services and advertising strategies the sellers can make their products visible amidst millions of other products. Amazon, being the world’s ecommerce giant and leader poses great Business challenges for its registered sellers and vendors.

Few of which are listed below:

  • High Competition

Amazon has over a million sellers which sell a billion products world-wide. This makes a strong neck to neck competition between the sellers who sell similar or almost similar products. It all depends on the keywords that the vendors and sellers select which helps their products to come on the initial pages.

  • Competitive Pricing

The sellers who are facing the competition on Amazon, feel obliged to lower their price with respect to what their competitors sell at. This leads to a lot of cost-cutting in the MRP which ultimately results in bad quality of the products which leads to negative ratings and reviews thus decreasing sales.

  • Product Reviews

Ratings and reviews play an important role in driving your product sales. The reviews impact buyer’s decision in making or not making a purchase. For example if you like a product from its photos and product listing but when you come to the reviews, there are a lot of negative ones that you notice, you obviously would hesitate to buy that product and leave that product page. Therefore, to get sales, its important for the seller to get positive and genuine product reviews.

  • Restrictions from Amazon

There are strict guidelines and policies from Amazon that the sellers must abide by to start their business on Amazon. Third party sellers are recently facing a lot of issues in getting approval in some categories on Amazon. Thus, sellers can experience a delay or a complete rejection from Amazon despite of purchasing products from direct dealers to manage their inventory.

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