Best Arabic Restaurant in Abu Dhabi makes your day memorable for a lifetime | أفضل مطعم عربي في أبو ظبي

Within the middle of multiple restaurant openings, the establishment takes a step up at its game and opens the doors to an even wider selection and more to offer. You will get amazing Emirati food and in great quantity and quality. Ensure that you try on the traditional jasheed (minced shark) and all (Crab Bread Pudding). You may order the mains off the menu or else opt for the buffet during lunchtime. After your meal makes sure that you check out the amazing wholesome space within the restaurant or else the beach and the beauty of the nature surrounding. Also, here you may get the most magnificent views of the Abu Dhabi skyline for miles while relaxing within one of their beach chairs or the hammocks. Come up over to the Best Arabic Restaurant in Abu Dhabi to make your day more memorable.

All the ingredients are local and organic and they use only the best sources within the area. The restaurant seems out to be as traditional as it gets. Although it is one of the most expensive restaurants it is sure that every penny spent here is worth it. Before you wish to order the main meals get the hammourmafrook to share. This is basically a whitefish spread served with bread. For a man, if you love lamb, slow better option than the lamb medium. This is a shoulder of lamb, slow-cooked within a banana leaf. Your tastebuds would surely thank you.

Taste amazing food at the Best Arabic Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Arabic Cuisine or Middle Eastern Food occurs out to be more than just Falafel, Shawarma, and Tabbouleh. If you are seeking out Best Arabic Restaurant in Abu Dhabi then they are surely easy to find however there is more to know regarding Arabic food. It has got a lot of influence of Mediterranean, North African and Indian Cuisines however even then each of the countries of the Arabian region also has got its own special foods that have their own delicacies. Their desserts are over the sweeter side with generous dashes of nuts and fruits. So, if you desire to eat Arabian food, it is the food of the country that you are in there is a lot of variety depending upon the region.

The specialties of Best Arabic Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

There occur multiple restaurants to select from however if you are spoilt for the selection here is a must-try restaurant that you should go for. They are basically both casual dining as well as fine dining options and so depending upon how much you desire to spend over a meal, there is something that would surely suit you. The restaurant serves you the best authentic home recipes. It is a homely ambiance and the real focus is on the food. There occurs an open kitchen too wherein you may see your meal getting cooked. The Best Arabic Restaurant in Abu Dhabi أفضل مطعم عربي في أبو ظبي is known for its huge buffet spread. The hot and cold Mezze and Kababs occur out to be worth special mention.

The restaurant is sophisticated enough with a special flair to the Arabic food that it serves. The restaurant is a huge dining space done up in red and gold. And now to the food the lobster kibbeh and the avocado labneh are mouth-watering. So too is the hummus served up with honey-roasted parsnips. The desserts are for those with a sweet tooth, the orange blossom cheesecake tops up the list. The restaurant has a beautiful décor that is indeed Arabic-inspired. It is chic as well as classic. The wood-burning traditional oven provides a truly authentic taste to food. The Fattoush with aubergine is basically a must-try. Also, you must try the Tabekh that is the dish that changes every day. For dessert, you must try the Meghli with its coconut flavor and notes of cinnamon. The traditional Lebanese pudding named Mouhalabieh is worth trying.

Also, the restaurant has got a menu that has food from Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon. The Baba Ghanoush is basically a roasted eggplant with pomegranates along with fresh vegetables. The restaurant has got an upmarket ambiance. The Hummus and Mezze are good however the best is the Makaneh Sausages that is covered up with a sweet however tangy pomegranate sauce.

Sajway is highly recommended since it is one of the Best Arabic Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. It includes having a souk-like ambiance right within the middle of Wafi. The seating is out of doors and creates the food even more authentic.  This is surely the best starter to kick off your meal. Another must-try is basically the Moroccan Tagine Berbere. The bread is indeed fresh and perfect to mop up the delicious meat gravies. The restaurant also includes having authentic Turkish food and Shabestan with its traditional Persian menu. If you are the one who is looking out for the Best Arabic food then you must come up over here and shake hands with us.