Baby Dry vs Cruisers vs Swaddlers – Which is better?

Diapers are one thing that is essential for your baby. Not just essential but it is something which requires your immediate and constant attention as buying the wrong one can cause harm. There are several things to consider and with these so many options, it only gets confusing. Here we have tried to discuss the differences in Baby dry vs cruisers vs Swaddlers.

Which is the best pick between Baby dry vs cruisers vs Swaddlers?

The three mentioned diapers are leading the market with their idea of bringing the best to the baby. There are several benefits of buying one of the mentioned. First, it minimizes the chances of getting a rash.


It plays an important role while buying a diaper. If a buyer happens to buy the wrong size the chances of possible leakage and making the baby uncomfortable is high. While the right size makes the diapers the best purchase to make. 

Both the Baby dry and Swaddlers are available in size ranging from 1 to 6. Depending on the baby be it toddler, plus size or a new-born a user gets to pick the desired one.

However, Cruiser on the other hand comes in specific sizes only. These are 3,4,5,6 and 7 to bring comfort to plus size babies. The waist-length has the capacity to withstand more stretch while comparing with the other two.


It is not something extremely important to consider while buying a baby diaper. However, there are some parents who look for a perfect fit.

The cruisers come with a 3-way fit design which isn’t seen in Swaddlers or baby dry. With this particular design legs, bottom, as well as waist, finds the perfect fit. This in addition means longer immunity against wetness or leakage.

In Swaddlers flexibility is best offered considering the fact that it has pretty stretchy sides. Baby Dry comes with channels to allow the passage of air.

Protection against leakage:

Baby dry vs cruisers vs Swaddlers are up for 12 hours long protection against the leak. It is always better to have diapers that you don’t have to change every hour and can trust against leakage. There are several brands offering their diapers with only fewer hours’ immunity against leakage.

Cruises work on a dial-leak guard offering additional protection around the legs.

 Protection against foul smell:

Cruisers and Swaddlers work on similar technology of providing a fragrance that covers the smell. It is not present in the case of baby dry. If odour protection is one thing which you are considering than picking the former ones might be a better choice.

Baby dry

  • Available in basic Size 1-6
  • Not best fitted for babies above 6 size
  • 5 layer protection


  • Size 1 and 2 remains absent
  • Good for plus size babies
  • 3-way fit design
  • Dial-leak guard
  • Keeps unpleasant smell away


  • Available in basic Size 1-6
  • Lacks size 7
  • SoftFlexi sides
  • Protects against the foul smell

Final thoughts:

While most of the diapers are capable of making it into the household and working well with the babies we still feel Pampers leads the way.

Among Baby dry vs cruisers vs Swaddlers versions, it is really difficult to pick one especially when you are not sure of what you are looking for. Hence, the first thing to do is look for something that suits your baby’s size and skin.

For babies above size 7, it is better to get cruisers as the other two don’t have the size available. In case, you are looking for protection against odour Cruisers and Swaddlers are better suited for the purchase. If looking at the design the cruisers are better for active babies while new-born might feel most comfortable in Swaddlers. Now the choice depends on the parents. Pick only the best for the babies.