What is the Amazon Buy Box?

You can find the Amazon Buy Box on the product description page where buyers can start purchasing products by directly adding to their carts. Since many sellers on Amazon can sell the same product, they must compete with each other to “win the Buy Box” for a certain product. If you get the buy box opportunity, it means that you were chosen for it by the Amazon Buy Box placement. When you get this Buy Box placement, loyal customer and potential buyers have a direct button just to add your product to their shopping carts, which obviously gives you an additional advantage over other competing sellers. 

To give the customers an awesome shopping experience only the Buy Box-eligible sellers can compete to win it.  

If you are just starting out on Amazon with a new seller central account, and you are not a registers FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) seller, then you’re going to notice a delay time before your products finally hit the buy box. Consider hiring an amazon marketing services agency to know more about FBA.

This is because Amazon always wants to make sure that you have the products or ability to fill product orders once you get the buy box.  Amazon’s FBA registered sellers will be accepted for the buy box faster.

The only admissibility criteria is, the seller should be a subscription-based Professional Seller who meets all the Amazon’s policies and guidelines and has the items which are buy box enabled.

These factors include:

  • Order Defect Rate
  • Customer service quality
  • Length of time on Amazon
  • Seller performance metrics
  • Status as a seller
  • Experience on the Amazon selling platform.

Generally, Amazon determines the Buy Box winner considering certain factors like the product price, fulfillment by Amazon, overall seller rating etc. But Amazon won’t guarantee or vouch for any particular seller to win the Buy Box for a product. 

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