Things That You Can Do In Haridwar

Haridwar the topmost holiest place of India, where people come here from the different parts of India to obsolete their impurities. This is the place where all types of religious activities are done over here. And also there are various temples and other famous ashrams are connected over here. 

The famous Patanjali Yogpeeth center of Baba Ramdev is very near to this Ganga River. This is one of the famous places for Ayurvedic treatment and medicines. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss the things that you can do when you visit the Haridwar.

List of Things That You Can Do In Haridwar

  1. Ganga Arti At Har Ki Pauri

One of the things that you would not miss at Har Ki Pauri is Ganga Arti. This Arti mainly for the worship of Ganga where you can tell your wishes to Ganga. The view is amazing at the time of evening because in the Ganga river people pour light candles or diyas in the river of Ganga. It is an amazing moment you can capture on your camera. The main time of the Arti is done in the evening.

  1. Temple Visit At Haridwar

Couples of Temples are available near the Ganga River. People who come to visit the Ganga river are also visiting several temples of Haridwar. Some of the famous temples of the Haridwar are Mansa Devi Temple, Maya Devi Temple, and Chandan Devi Temple. Mansa Devi Temple is considered as the temple that fulfills the needs of the people’s wishes. All you need to just believe in there with a pure heart.

  1. Adventurous Tour

Haridwar is also considered an adventurous tour for tourists. As the place, Rishikesh is very near to the Haridwar. And here in Rishikesh, you can do various activities such as trekking on mountains, River Rafting, Performing Yoga, and many others.

  1. Visit Ashrams

There are many Ashrams available in these places which gives you true feelings of spirituality and about the environment. For performing the Yoga and meditation activities you can visit the Patanjali Yogpeeth and Shanti Kunj Asharam. The ashram is located at the garden place where you can enjoy the fresh air of the environment. People from Delhi loves to visit Patanjali Yogpeeth when they come to the Haridwar.

  1. Enjoy the Street Foods

The street foods of the Haridwar are the foods that can tuck your tummy. Various famous food stalls are available over there and the most famous Aloo Poori is the food that you should try over there. Also, there are some famous food restaurant are available over there that you can get nearby the Ganga river.

  1. Haridwar Bazaar

The topmost famous things in Haridwar is its shopping places, people would love to shopping over here. Various varieties such as spiritual books, singers, bands, artificial jewelry, and such others are available. The top famous market of the Haridwar is the Bara Bazar, Kankhal, and Moti Bazar. The prices of the market are so reasonable that you love to shopping over here.

  1. Wildlife Jungle Safari

One can do Jungle Safari at Rajaji National Park of the Haridwar. There you can spot various types of animals, birds, and species of trees. There is a large population of elephants is available at the Rajaji National Park.

Shopping in Haridwar 

Haridwar offers probably the most intriguing and all-around created things, cut stone icons, dabs, copper and metal puja utensils, glass bangles, stick bushels, and adornments are the absolute most well-known purchasing things in Haridwar.

Yet, before that, you will truly have to realize where to go to stuff your sacks with these things. The absolute generally well-known and much-visited commercial centers in and around Haridwar are as per the following. 

Famous Markets in Haridwar for Shopping 

Bara Bazar: The market is situated on Railway Road. Rudraksha seeds are in plain view here in bounty. However, before you make a purchase, do ensure that you are purchasing certifiable seeds. Aside from this, you can purchase Ayurvedic medications too. 

Government Handloom and Handicraft Emporium: The journey town of Haridwar likewise includes various government-run retail stores. At these shops, you can track down a wide assortment of strict just as a stone and wood-crafted works. 

Moti Bazar: The market lies on the Upper Road towards the north of the trench. Here, you will track down various slows down in arrangement selling a wide scope of Pooja articles and different embellishments.

Once here, you can buy things including complicatedly cut stone icons, metal utensils (chiefly of copper and metal), desserts, brilliant glass bangles, and stick bins. These slow down likewise sell brilliant kitchen set toys, pickles, and Ayurveda meds. 

Kankhal: Walking 3 miles south of Haridwar takes you to the verifiable town of Kankhal. Here you can look for Rudraksha. 

Jwalapur: Apart from purchasing gifts at the market here, you can likewise look at different unadulterated veg eateries and sweetmeat shops. Shops in the market sell a wide assortment of mouth-watering delights here.