A Much Ado on Water ATM That You Should Know

The idea of water ATM has been implemented a lot earlier, but still, people are suffering from waterborne diseases. You may not know that purified water is a luxury for a hell lot of people. They do not have a water purifier at their home, neither they can afford it. Hence, more than 60% of the popularity is known for suffering from waterborne disease is India only.

Although the government is taking a severe step now and has passed a bill for implementing water ATMs mostly in rural areas, solar power water ATMs is the most common and they are great for rural areas as well if we focus on that. The water of the ATMs has been through reverse osmosis technology, and you can consider it as purified water. The main goal is to provide people with clean water at a very minimal cost. If you have a shop and that is located in the market area where people have easy access, then you may take the franchise.

The solar energy water ATMs can be operated 24 hours a day, and the best part is, they can collect rainwater and purify it via solar-powered osmosis, or directly it will connect to the grid system. This is the best source that allows people nothing but reliable access to purified drinking water. Also, it will reduce the time spent on water collection.

We can understand that not everyone can afford a water purifier. However, if you are living in a municipal area, then you should never drink that water without purification because often, the water has a lot of impurities. Not only germs but the contaminants are also high in that water so you should better avoid it. Eventually, the water ATMs are on the cheaper side, and you do not have to spend a lot of money at all.

Did You Know About The Water E-Rickshaw?

Nowadays the water purification system is nothing but necessary, and we have discussed a lot on Water ATMs and now, let’s discuss mobile operating water ATM aka Water E-Rickshaw. This is nothing other than a form of water ATMs, and it can be operated remotely. Also, you will be able to sell water from your preferred location with this. Furthermore, if you are wondering what the speciality about it is then the best part has to be, the requirement of less space compared to the Water ATM. This is a brilliant concept that will woo you.

However, it comes with a storage tank of 350 litres, and it has an inbuilt chiller that will maintain the temperature of the water for 12 hours straight. You do not have to worry about the affordability as it will exactly like the water vending machines. This brings new hope for people who want to start a new venture for people, and they will also be able to earn 4000-5000 daily depending on the water consumption of the locality they are selling.

Let’s now discuss the advantages one may avail from the Water ATMs.

●       It will provide you with purified water 24×7, and people will be able to purchase water on the pay per use basis. Hence, they are paying less for a glass of water.

●       It will not be as costly as the packaged water, and it’s a significant part. People living in rural areas are not at all able to buy packaged water, and that is a convenient option for them.

●       This option is not only economical but also cost-effective.

●       This will let people enjoy good health as the water is purified as well as clean.

●       Also, if you are thinking of taking up a franchise, then you are not only going to earn the right amount but also be able to help people differently.

Final Thoughts

However, these are the perfect replacements of water trolleys, and we can assure you that the water is also safe. Reverse osmosis is the oldest and most trusted technology when it comes to water purification so, is there anything that you can not imagine? The best solution to every problem! 

Shivam Pandey

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