A Few Exam Tips For CEM Mock Test Online

As part of the assessment process to join in year 7, your child will be asked to complete an online assessment called CEM Select, which measures your child’s verbal, non-verbal, and numerical reasoning abilities. The Center creates it for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM), which is a part of the Cambridge Assessment. Now let’s discuss more information about CEM Mock Test Online.

Here Are Some Vital Facts About the CEM Select Assessment:

This includes a variety of odd question formats that your child is unlikely to have seen before. Drag-and-drop digits and auto-completes are two examples.

It’s broken down into several fast-paced portions. Your child does not need to answer all the questions to do well.

The verbal reasoning component of the test evaluates your child’s ability to solve problems using words, emphasizing vocabulary depth and breadth.

In the non-verbal reasoning phase, your child will be asked to answer issues using shapes and patterns, emphasizing a single question type.

The numerical reasoning portion assesses your child’s ability to solve issues using numbers and arithmetic.

Here Are The Tips For CEM Mock Test Online:

At Eleven Plus Europhia, we believe that a bit of preparation can go a long way to improving a student’s confidence and performance in entrance examinations.

We provide online practice tests and skill-specific tests that focus on helping students familiarize themselves with the exact types of questions they will ask in their assessment.

There is no doubt that familiarization with the CEM Select format, question types, & timings will increase your child’s confidence ahead of their actual assessment.

Our CEM Select practice exams are incredibly accurate, ensuring that your child’s study time is focused and effective.

Each timed module is automatically marked. After that, your child will be able to go through each question in detail with comprehensive step-by-step explanations.

Statistical averages, based on the scores of other students who have taken the same practice test, are provided to get an idea of your child’s relative performance against their peer group.

We also allow our CEM to choose to practice tests with an extra 25% time limit. However, we only recommend this option if you are confident that your child will be eligible for this additional time during the actual test.

We have five full-length CEM Select practice tests available. Each of them is pitched at the same difficulty level, so you can use them to benchmark your child’s progress over time.

Thus, choose us for the CEM mock test online. If you plan for your child to prepare for the Eleven Plus Mock Exam, let them join some good platforms for preparing for these exams.